October 2012 Updates Released for Lync Server 2010

October 2012 Updates Released for Lync Server 2010

The Microsoft Lync team has released the October 2012 updates for Lync Server 2010, below is information on the updates and link to download them.

The update installer can be downloaded from here (Lync Server 2010) Please see below for installation details.

Lync 2010 Client update can be downloaded from here

Lync 2010 Attendee – Administrator level installation can be download from here

Lync 2010 Attendee – User level installation can be download from here

Description of the updates and the KB articles can be found here

Also note when updating your Lync environment as most updates require updating your CsDatabase as described at the bottom of this support page http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=2493736

NET UX2000 SNMP error

Within the NET gateways there is a current bug which affects SNMP triggers for error/crash reporting.

If your gateway is running version 2.1.x version the console wont allow you to delete or amend the default entry within the SNMP portal. OR is some cases I’ve have seen it allow you to amend it but then not actually work as expected. The workaround to this is to simply leave the default entry in the portal and just add another entry detailing your requirements.

At the time of writing NET are aware of this minor bug, and when 2.2.x is released in a month or so’s time this will be resolved. Using the link below keep an eye on the NET/Sonos site for the release of 2.2



Iain Smith

Lync 2010 Control Panel AdminUIHost error

Evening All

This one is a interesting one. Again following a health check on a clients site for Lync 2010, i came across this little issue with Lync 2010 and Silverlight and thought i should blog about it as it seems the issue/resolution its not as well known as i first thought.

Symptoms of this issue is when you are administering Lync 2010 via the Lync control panel, silverlight will crash giving you a very basic crash error. (see below).

Reasons for this error, or should i say the crashing is still unknown and it logged with Microsoft. I expect Lync 2010 will be patched to resolve this.


Remove Silverlight 5.x and install Silverlight 4.x

At the time of writing Lync 2010 October CU7 has been released and the issue still exists with silverlight 5.x

Iain Smith