USB headset devices not working using Lync for Mac Client

So I’m a Mac user by trade and unless I’m on client sites or demo’ing Lync i undertake all my day to day consultancy work on a Macbook Pro.

I know some will say that within office for Mac and particularly the Mac Lync client its rather undercooked in terms for functionality. For me though once you get your setup correct i can work without issue and mirror a Windows counterpart.

That said of late I’ve been seeing issues with my headset estate, and the headsets I’ve been using ive questioned recently as being ‘dodgy/faulty’. The below list of the suspect devices

Jabra Pro 9470

Jabra UC Supreme

Jabea 510 Speaker Phone

Plantronics Voyager Pro 

My issues have been ranging from the lync client simply not recognising the headset, or part way through a call i would loose voice either inbound or outbound, or even though the headphone was seen and enabled within Mac OSX system preferences no audible tones could be heard.


This morning i thought i had to get this fixed and with a little help from my friend ‘Google’, and also a Modality systems colleague Justin Morris ( the answer and resolution is out there and available if you look closely enough. In August 2012 Microsoft did in bring an update out for the Lync for Mac client. The problem is though the ‘check for updates’ within the Lync for mac client does NOT pick this update up14.0.3 AND you have to request the update from Microsoft support. 

Weighing in a 101mb this update does solve all my audio issues in one swoop. Now within the Lync for Mac client we now have another tab called audio. (see below)


Once you set this all is good again. You no longer have the faff about in systems preferences to set your audio.

I hope this small snippet of information helps others


Iain Smith


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