Lync 2010 Error “Exception calling “Create” with “0″ argument(s)” when installing Lync monitoring reports

This blog is a quick one with key information in a small number of lines.

Today i was asked by a client for help with a self installation of Lync archiving and monitoring server which had gone wrong. In truth the Archiving was just a case of policies within the lync control panel as the install was correct.

However on the monitoring side of things the client had installed the relevant modules from the lync deployment wizard but was then getting an error when selecting to install the monitoring reports. This is not unusual and the error presented to the client is one I’ve seen a few times before, and i can say now its all down to permissions on the SQL instance for Monitoring. 

So as part of the install you have to select a domain\username for the installation. (see below)


















Whatever you enter here has an knock on effect on whether the install is successful, for example if you add your domain <northernlync.local> and account which you installed lync with <srv_lync> then you need to make sure that this same account has an account with permission on the LDSCDR and QOEmetrics databases on your SQL instance.











Inevitability if you don’t have these permissions for the user account you enter you will get the error “Exception calling “Create” with “0″ argument(s)” when trying to install the monitoring reports.

So to be clear, just add permissions to your account to the LcsCDR and QOEmetrics and you should be good to go.


Iain Smith

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