Lync 2013 Group call PickUp and its limitations

Evening All

This is a blog post on the untold ‘gotchas’ surrounding group call pick. Microsoft introduced the Group Call pickup feature as part of Lync Server 2013 Cumulative Update 1 released in February 2013. This is a server side feature which utilises the Call Park service, and basically a number is assigned within the Call Park Orbit Range to Call Pickup Groups.

Users can be assigned only to a group, when an inbound call arrives for a user that is a member of a Call Pickup Group, another user that is a member of that group can answer the call by dialling the call park pickup number which is associated with that group. Users can also answer calls for other users in groups which they are not a member of provided they know the pickup number for that group.

However the following limitations exist in that the call types outlined below cannot be picked up

  • Response Group Calls (in the case of reception, this can be worked around by receptionist enabling team-call for his or her group)
  • Delegated Calls
  • Team Calls
  • Simultaneously Ring Calls

So in my opinion the big gotcha is that a user who is a member of a team call group cannot have his/hers calls picked up as part of a group call pickup. So for an real life example would be the (boss/admin) situation where you have a manager who is set up with team call with his/her secretary on a one to one basis. The problem with this situation is that if a call comes to a manager or his/her secretary then another person outside of the team call doesn’t have the ability to do the group call pickup function to collect that call.

Hope the above makes sense. In my opinion, for me this is a slight oversight from MS.


Iain Smith

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