Lync 2013 Client and Proxy Prompting issue

Adding further exclusions to the Proxy-authentication


Good Afternoon All

Following the addition and implementation of your Lync 2013 estate.

What is seen to becoming an annoyance for a lot of customers and people is the forthcoming Lync 2013 client deployment and the new adhoc ‘feature’ which is when you log onto the client and your company uses a web proxy OR has a proxy pac working internally, your user is prompted for additional higher privileged credentials. If the user simply ignores this prompt it will continue to plague them until they do enter the higher AD user privileges.

This is a new ‘feature’ which wasn’t seen with Lync 2010, so why is it happening now with Lync 2013.?

Simple answer is Microsoft has changed the logic for the client login routing. Now with Lync 2013 it firstly checks some HTTP addresses to locate the Lync 2013 registrar information, then if that fails it then by design it goes away and looks for the…

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