Lync 2013 – KEMP Appliance as a Reverse Proxy WITH HIGH AVAILABILITY – Configuration Guide

Morning All

Following on from the previous post on using a KEMP Appliance as a reverse proxy, for this post im going to continue and run through how you set up multiple KEMP appliances in a HA scenario for Reverse Proxy’ing for Lync 2013. <It will also work for Lync 2010 as well>

As usual in my lab i will be using Lync 2013 SE. I will also be using 2x KEMP VLM100 Virtual Appliances with thanks to KEMP for the Licensing.

***If you are looking on how to set up a single KEMP Appliance as a RP please revert back to my previous blog posting here

Ok to set the scene. As i have a stated a Lync 2013 SE running on windows 2012. My DC is 2008r2, My Lync client machine is Win7.
I have my single KEMP appliance running and moving forward im now going to add a second appliance into the mix for HA.


Spin up the VLM of the second appliance and provide another IP address


The above image is the appliance on start up of the VM. Using the IP address specified on the image, using Firefox, Safari or Other navigate to that IP address and login using the username bal and password 1fourall. Then if needed add you license.


you will then be prompted with the home page of the appliance


–field notes

IP address of KEMP1 is and KEMP2 is

Now lets jump back to the first KEMP1 appliance and select system configuration, miscellaneous then HA parameters


select single HA in the drop down option, then accept the OK, and all the messages including the reboot option.


on reboot re-log back in using the same ip address which you set before. (in my case 1928.168.1.223)

Once logged into you will see a couple of new symbols stating that the first server is primed as HA1 applicance


now selecting the eth1 again we will go ahead and select/add our Ip addresses for both the first and second KEMP applicance

in my lab case i have set my IP address to (think of this as a sudo IP address which you set to administrator your appliances as once they are completely set up in HA mode you never go back into a individual appliance you set them from the .240 IP and this replicates to both Appliances)


At this point im happy with the first KEMP1 appliance and also im happy with my sudo IP. so know its time to add the second KEMP2 appliance into the HA pairing.

again using IE or other, navigate to the IP address you have for the second appliance. (in my case its


now like we did with the first appliance we need to select system configuration, miscellaneous, HA perimeters.

Then using the drop down select seconds HA


accept the prompt to add the second appliance into HA


now lets jump back to our sudo IP address and once the second appliance is rebooted you will see two green symbols stating the HA is set up, configured and working.


thats it.. I must say its slick and simple to set up. Well done KEMP

My lab is fully HA for Lync Reverse Proxy

Thanks for looking

Iain Smith

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