Lync 2013 – Enabling and Configuring Call Park


Wednesday’s 1 a day lunchtime blog post for this week

For this blog post its fairly straight forward, but I thought I would document it as the TechNet article I think doesn’t give you the full picture on what the config should be.

We will do a 80/20 split of the config with the main part of the setup being completed in the Lync Control panel and the remaining 20% part being completed in the Lync Management Shell.

Without further a do. lets start..

open up the Lync control panel and navigate to the Voice Routing selection on the left, then select the VoicePolicy area on the top panel.


Now Select your Voice Policy


Now select to enable call park, then select OK and then Commit your change

now select Voice Features from the left hand pane, then select call park from the top option


Now we will add the telephone number range,

select new, then give your call park a name, add the number range and also the pool to which associate the call park with. Now select OK


last thing we need to do is amend our dial plan as reteriving a parked call will ring between 1000 and 1005 WITHOUT a + at the start and therefore it will fail to connect. So what we need to do is add another dial plan rule to cater for the call park numbers.

Goto Voice Routing, select Dial Plan, then your dial plan. Now click new on the associated normalization rule.]


let now add the new rule for the call park numbers


DONT forget to test your rule and also move it up to the right order within the rule base.

thats it. set up. You can take the Call park a little bit further by running the powershell command Get-CSCpsConfiguration, instead of the Get you can do Set and change the amount of attempts to pickup the call, the amount of time the call will hold for before reverting back to the callee and also to allow music on hold. (if you wanted custom music on hold you would need to amend the CsClientPolicy path for music on hold)

Thats it for this lunchtimes blog posting


Iain Smith

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