Lync 2013 – Deploying Topology Error – Failed to save persmission of the fileshare (ACLError: Access permissions error)


Welcome to your Friday Lunchtime 1 a day blog post

This is something i see a few times within a Lync deployment. ive never got the bottom of why it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t.? I would be happy for comments on this.

The scenario is when you publish your topology into a site (greenfield or other) you are presented with a warning on the successful publishing stating that the topology failed to save the permissions.? You might have already selected ‘everyone’ on the share full control but that still doesn’t seem enough.



To get past this issue is to add the following extra groups to the fileshare permissions

– RTCHSUniversalServices

– RTCComponentUniversalServices

– RTCUniversalServerAdmins

– RTCUniversalConfigReplicator

make all full control


Simple fix


Iain Smith


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