Lync 2013 – Sennheiser Presence UC Full Review

Evening All

On the 1st August we will see the introduction of the Sennheiser UC Presence bluetooth device. Although ive had a beta version of this product since March, two weeks ago Sennheiser sent me a official rtm version of the headset. On face value there seems to be nothing cosmetically different from the previous version i was using, however for those reading my previous ‘bluetooth headset’ review i stated that i found the headset perfect and clear on audio but found the device awkward to wear for long periods of time. With this in mind when i received the new rtm version i was keen to retry and test the new device.

The first thing which was different from the beta i got was that within the box there was numerous ear pieces and ear loops of different sizes. once I got settled on the one that fitted my ear and ear cannel i set about giving the device a run through it paces. Below is the results and synopsis of my findings.

Audio Quality

As stated in the other blog post the audio from this device and in truth all optimised Sennheiser devices for Lync the audio is exceptional. I think this is due to the digital mics within the headset which other vendors bluetooth options dont have.

I have the UC Presence linked up with Lync and with my mobile phone and from both items the audio is excellent.

Headset Comfort Factor

With the correct ear pieces in place i have worn and used the UC Presence for the last 2 weeks full time with making an asserted effort to keep it on my ear even when im not expecting a call. I have to say it became second nature and felt natural and comfortable. If you purchase one of these headsets when they become available be sure that you test each ear and loop piece options correctly.

Battery life

On full charge the battery life states 10 hours of talk time. I usually spend a couple of hours a day minimum on calls each day, and last week in 5 days i put the device on charge on the friday morning for 30 minutes and at this moment its still going without the need for charging.

Bluetooth Connection Distance

The literature stats 25mtrs from the mini bluetooth usb dongle, which in this day and age i think is enough but that said the latest Jabra Motion has a 125mtr range so you would think a 100mtr difference is massive so i did a litmus test against both devices on the distance.

My findings were that the Sennheiser was getting a distance around 22mtrs away then the voice was dropping its audio. whereas the Jabra Motions alleged 125mtrs is massively over stated in my test. I found that at best on the two tests i did, the motion got to 33mtrs away but the audio became ‘blocky’ and distorted at 27mtrs. (its worth noting that my tests were carried out within a business organisation).


The UC Presence is a really well made device, with audio which hands down beats the rest of the field in my opinion. At the time of writing im unsure of the exact price point but i would expect around £149rrp. If i was asked by my clients which bluetooth device i would recommend the UC Presence right up there at the top of my list. If there was any negativity from me it would be i do like the auto answer option that is available on the other vendors bluetooth device which the Sennheiser UC Presence doesn’t have.

All in all im really pleased with the device and its fair to say that the UC Presence is my mobile device of choice at the moment.


Iain Smith

6 thoughts on “Lync 2013 – Sennheiser Presence UC Full Review

  1. Good day,

    I have read about your review and was fascinated about the Sennheiser Presence.
    Right now I already got my own unit but my only problem is that all earpieces (Ear Adapters) that were available in the package doesn’t seem to fit on my ear. I don’t know if it is how i was putting it on my ear or is it really with the earpieces that was causing the problem.

    I’ve read some reviews that there were custom eargels that really fits in your ear and as well as compatible with different bluetooth headsets, that’s why I was wondering if the Jabra, Plantronics and the Sennheiser’s eargels fit with each other eargels.

    If not for your review with the Sennheiser Presence, I would not have bought one for myself.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Neb
      I’m pleased you liked my review. And also it’s helped you with purchasing the right headset for your needs.

      Be sure to look back soon as I’m midstream in a DECT headset review which should be published in the next couple if days.

      Iain Smith

      1. Any feedback with regards the eargels? Are those on the Jabra, Plantronics and the Sennheiser’s eargels fit with each other?


  2. Hello,

    I found your review on the Presence interesting, I too was a bit unimpressed with the unit I evaluated last summer. One of the things I noted missing from your review was the portability aspect? I have had many users complain about losing the small parts that come with these Bluetooth headsets, such as the USB cable, or miniUSB dongle. I have even had users state that while they like the quality and functionality, they fear relying on a device when they constantly have to worry about losing pieces. I have seen the major vendors take this more into account the last few years. I thought Jabra did a pretty good job with the Motion+, has the Sennheiser case improved?



    1. Hi David

      I use sennheiser presence and the sound and talk time is amazing.
      It has a pocket size case with space for headset, mini USB dongle and USB cable.


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