Lync 2013 – Adding an Trusted Application using Johan’s SefaUtil GUI as the Demostration

Hello All

This blog post details how you would go about adding a trusted application to your Lync 2013 topology.

For this example I’m going to add the trusted application built by Johan Veldhuis which allows for configuration of the SefaUtil commands at a GUI level.

For the people who are unaware of what the Sefautil is. This is the extension features which is part of the Lync 2013 resource kit which allows for remote configuration of users call forwarding, sim ringing and call pickup group option. So essentially you can administer a users settings without whiteout actually visiting the users desk.

Johan has created a great utility which is GUI based as apposed to the powershell commands which is default to the sefautil running.

You can find details on Johan GUI here.

ok back to the trusted application piece. Creating a trusted application is the same process contrary to what the software application is which you are wanting to use.

Starting the trust..


Creating the new trusted application pool. For this we do need to initially run some powershell commands to get us going, but before we do that we need to find some information about our pool to add to the powershell command. to do this we need to run the following  PS Command

– Get-CsSite

New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -id <Pool FQDN> -Registrar <Pool Registrar FQDN> -site Site:<Pool Site>

eg: New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -id lyncse.northernlync.local -Registrar lyncse.northernlync.local -site Site:1

Once this has successfully completed, we then need to run our second powershell command

New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationId sefautil -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn <Pool FQDN>  -Port 7489

eg: New-CsTrustedApplication -ApplicationId sefautil -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn lyncse.northernlync.local  -Port 7489

Note: you will be prompted at both PS commands to run the enable-cstopolgy command. its at this point now you need to run it



We are now complete with the Lync management shell and the powershell commands for setting up a trusted application. (its also worth noting if you went into your Lync control panel or the Lync topology the application trust will now be showing within these areas)

So to complete our blog now we need to download the sefautil.exe which is part of the Lync 2013 resource kit which can be found here

go ahead and install it using the default locations etc. <default location \Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Reskit.>


Now lets check that our commands do actually work from a cmd line approach. To do this we need to open up the normal command prompt but as Administrator and navigate to the default location path of the sefautil. (ABOVE Path).

Once you are within the Reskit folder run this command line

SEFAUtil.exe <user SIP address> /server:<Lync Server/Pool FQDN>

eg: SEFAUtil.exe /server:lyncse.northernlync.local

Running this will bring back the current call settings for the user.


Now the final piece of running Johan’s SefaUtil GUI.

to do this we need to head back to the Lync Management shell as Administrator and select Johan’s Powershell script. To do this navigate to the script (NOTE: you need to unzip the .zip file first)

Once your with the folder where the .ps1 file is located run the following command

start-sefautil -pool poolfqdn

eg: start-sefautil -pool lyncse.northernlync.local

<You will/might be prompt for a execution policy issue before the .ps1 will run.> If you are type this command set-executionpolicy Unrestricted. Then run the .ps1 command again.


Once the GUI is open you will have the ability to administer your users call settings.



Thank you for looking and below is the videoCast of me doing the above in my lab.

AND massive thanks from the Lync Comminitity goes to Johan for the excellent SefaUtil GUI.! You can find more information about Johan and the things he’s working on at his blog site.


Iain Smith

Microsoft Lync User group in the North


In the coming weeks more details will emerge about the up and coming quarterly user group for the northern folks of England located in Leeds. The user group will be soley based around Microsoft Lync technologies with Lync content and speakers for the industry plus also special vendor speakers. (Plus also each user group will have a ‘freebie’ offering from one of the vendor speakers)

Im just putting the final touches to the first user group which the first one is expected to take place at the end of January 2014.

Follow me on twitter for further information as i will keep everyone upto date with the situation and planned date. Also i now have a link title page on the blog site.


Iain Smith

Lync 2013 – Ferrari Virtual SBC ‘Video’ Installation Guide against SIP trunk from PureIP

Hello All

Following the news from Ferrari that the new Virtual SBC OfficeMaster Gateway was available as a trial, i thought i would take the opportunity of deploying and configuring the gateway with connection to my SIP trunk via Provider PureIP.

Instead of the normal line by line installation guide, this time around I’ve completed a video guide of the actual installation and also the call testing.

The video was recorded using software, cam studio and the audio was captured using a Plantronic Blackwire 710 headset

Details about the Ferrari Electronics company can be found here 

For a trail installation of the Ferrari Office Master gateway you need to contact Ferrari at

Details about SIP trunk provider PureIP can be found here.

Key takeaways for me was the gateway is different to other vendor gateways whereas with the Ferrari appliance you complete the configuration via a GUI rather than a webpage portal to the appliance. The configuration was straight forward and nothing to taxing. One thing of interest to me was the gateway can work in a single NIC mode or in dual NIC mode for hand off between NICs. (Similar to how an Lync Edge server hands over from the internal NIC to the External NIC).

Also i think there is a wording issue on the tabs while setting up the routing as one tab says ‘Calls from ISDN’ when in fact it should say ‘Calls to ISDN’.

All in all, i was really pleased with the setup and installation of the gateway, and i look forward to getting my hands on the new physical appliance being released in Q1 2014.

Below is the the video installation setup.

Thanks Iain Smith – NorthernLync

Lync 2013 Client – November Patch Update KB2825630

Morning All

Over the weekend Microsoft realised a new patch for the Microsoft Lync 2013 client for windows. Although this isn’t seen as a major update there are several features within the patch which are of interest.

In this blog post we will take a look at what they are, and how to enable/add the features.

So firstly you can find information about the patch here

and you can also download the update files from that link. The update as usual comes in two flavours 32 bit and 64 bit.

To note there are a a few pre-reqesuitcs that need to be taken care of before you start. These are other updates which requires to be present on the machine your updating.

MSO (KB2727096)

32 bit  Download the 32-bit MSO update package now.

64 bit  Download the 64-bit MSO update package now.

MSORES (KB2817624)

32 bit  Download the 32-bit MSORES update package now.

64 bit  Download the 64-bit MSORES update package now.

IDCRL (KB2817626)

32 bit  Download the 32-bit IDCRL update package now.

64 bit  Download the 64-bit IDCRL update package now.

For more information about how to download these packages, click the following article number to view the article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

  • 2727096 Description of the Office 2013 update: August 13, 2013
  • 2817624 Description of the Office 2013 update: September 10, 2013
  • 2817626 Description of the Office 2013 update: September 10, 2013

So now onto the Lync 2013 client update and what that brings. (As per the Microsoft knowledge base article.)

  • 2907820 Inconsistent format and duplicate telephone numbers are displayed in a contact card in Lync 2013
  • 2898888 Lync 2013 crashes when an RCC-enabled user signs in
  • 2898886 “Presence unknown” status for a contact in a federated environment or a different front-end pool is displayed in Lync 2013
  • 2898887 User cannot call another user by clicking a telephone number hyperlink in a contact card in Lync 2013
  • 2883716 Presence status isn’t updated based on Exchange calendar in Lync 2013
  • 2880161 You can’t drag a contact from Lync 2013 to another application
  • 2880163 Proxy authentication dialog box appears when you sign in to Lync 2013
  • 2880164 Instant message sent from Lync Web App displays wrong symbols in Lync 2013
  • 2880167 Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 when a user logs on to a computer by using an account from a different AD forest
  • 2882812 A proxy authentication dialog box appears when you upload a PowerPoint presentation in Lync 2013
  • 2882813 Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 on a computer that is running Windows 7
  • 2882814 Extended character is displayed incorrectly in a disclaimer in Lync 2013
  • 2854650 You cannot start a collaboration application that is integrated with Lync 2013

Lets take a look at a few of these in more detail.

“Presence unknown” status for a contact in a federated environment or a different front-end pool is displayed in Lync 2013″ This issue was introduced with the October 2013 update patching. What was seen by the end user was no presence connectivity between Lync and Exchange meaning that when a user had a meeting scheduled within outlook their presence didn’t mirror this within Lync. I personally have a client who also runs a contact centre where they rely on the Lync presence being correct at all times.

–  “The ability to add your Lync picture via an external webpage (Just like you could do with Lync 2010)”

Back by popular demand is the option to add a picture to Lync 2013 which uses a external webpage as the repository. This allows for external federated clients to see your picture as well. To enable this you will need to get your Lync administrator to enable this via Powershell. (PS Below)

$PolicyEntry=New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name EnablePresencePhotoOptions -Value true $currentClientPolicy=Get-CsClientPolicy -Identity Global $currentClientPolicy.PolicyEntry.Add($PolicyEntry) Set-CsClientPolicy -Instance $currentClientPolicy

X webpicture

***Credit this blogger of the PS which is needed. See more at:

“Ability to record video now in HD format”

From the users Lync client options they now have the ability to select to record the video stream in full 720p or 1080p HD quality if they wish.

X 1080p



Lync 2013 & 2010 – HighEnd Optimised Wired headsets for Lync & Skype

Hello Readers

Following a months worth of bench marking tests of the three main vendor high-end wired headsets available to Lync (optimised devices). Below are the details on the devices and information around the benchmarking criteria plus my unbiased opinion. 

With what is now tradition, i will be using the same metrics/categories as i have done in the past with other Lync headset/devices reviews completed. I will score each headset on the following metrics, plus also giving an unbiased synopsis including RRP pricing guide.

The four categories are (Sound, Functionality, Usability, Cost) AND a new Category

  • Sound quality of Music playing– this is something new I’ve added to the reviews and i would say it isn’t something i would use as the main driver for buying or not buying a headset on. The reason for adding this is on my other blog posting at NorthernLync in the past, i have had people asking me about using a Lync headset to listen to music between calls. Personally i don’t think any optimised Lync headsets were manufactured to be a dedicated music playing device, but as I’ve been asked the question I’ve added it into the review anyway.

From Left to right are the ‘flagship’ headsets from each vendor. (Jabra BIZ2400, Plantronics Blackwire 720 and Sennheiser SC630) ***All the headsets i was testing were in mono ear’d format. (my preference)


JabraBiz2400Blackwire 7xxSennheiser sc630


First up the Jabra Biz 2400

  • Sound – It has to be said from the start of this review, all the headsets had the sound quality marked as excellent. For the Jabra i found the inward sound to be crystal clear on Lync calls. Also i had comments about the clarity of the outward sound. On a few occasions the recipient of the call did ask if i was the only person working in the office as they couldn’t hear any background noise whatsoever. Also on the odd occasion where i was not talking i had the end recipient saying ‘hello’ back at me as the headset almost felt like to them it had put the call on mute and as described by one caller as ‘pure silence’. That said i was impressed with the sound quality for day to day Lync calls.
    • Sound quality via Music playing – I found it a odd experience and maybe this was due to listening into one ear only, but I think the music lacked bass, and high pitch tones on some songs played. Also it was a little bit ‘tinny’.
  • Functionality – As well as good call quality sound, the BIZ 2400 comes armed with a ‘puk’ sized device attached to the cable. On standard day to day use this is were you would alter the volume and mute/answer calls. The wheel function in the middle endlessly turns and a in-ear clicking noise on rotation is heard. One the secret weapons the BIZ 2400 does have in its armour is within the same Puk device that holds a bluetooth receiver which allows you to pair with your mobile phone and allow for using your headset to make and take mobile phone calls. neat eh!! well hold on a second… it is a neat feature until you close your lid of your laptop, or turn / lock your desktop.!! at this point the bluetooth dongle in the PUK looses the power and without a inbuilt battery it stops working.!! Also i should note the boom arm also rotates a full 360* which i guess is a feature but not something i would play on as part of promoting the product.? 
  • Usability – I used this headset for a week in the testing phase, and i can say i never thought anything untoward about it.. its a nice piece of kit. it was comfy to wear for long periods, sound quality was good. The nice leather ear pads felt like cushions against your ear. Also within the box came a kind of nylon bag to keep your headset safe if you was in the need to remove it each working shift for storage
  • Unbiased Verdict – I was moderately impressed with the BIZ2400, and would recommend it to customers who were biased towards Jabra and who was in the market for a high end device. ALSO Jabra tells me there are 20 different types of this headset to suit different scenarios, so if your in need of a custom/different headset requirement its worth looking on their website.
  • RRP – £129 is the market rate on these at this moment which sits in the middle pricing of the three devices
  • Link  

The release date is available now


Next up the Plantronics Blackwire 7xx Series 


  • Sound – The sound quality with the Blackwire 720 is excellent as you would expect with any premium high end device. There are some really nice additions to the features for sound on this device which makes it a more preferred headset over the Jabra. See below.
    • Sound quality via Music playing – Now if you want a headset for Music playing, then this and the Sennheiser below are the ones to choose. The Blackwire boasts stereo sound which came across as a really full crisp sound on playing a variety of music types. (sorry I didn’t try it on heavy metal), but for ‘day to day’ music it sounded great even through the single ear.! AND a feature which i thought was brilliant was the fact that when you was playing music and for whatever reason you took off the headset, it would pause the music automatically.
  • Functionality – As well as the really good call quality, the Blackwire series is packed with gadgetry which is the leader in its field. Below is some of the neat gag which is inbuilt into the headset
    • On pickup of the headset when a call is ringing in your Lync client, the headset automatically answers the call;
    • Same bluetooth style connection built into the headset but this headset also comes within a inbuilt battery meaning you can unplug it from the desktop/laptop and the headset still work over bluetooth;
    • If on a bluetooth mobile call, then the device is clever enough to put your Lync status as in a call.;
    • The ability to move a call from your mobile to Lync via the headset without having to redial;
    • Headset battery status visible from the toolbar of your desktop/laptop, so you know how much change you have to play with on bluetooth only calls;
      • If there was a very small negative to take from all the great functionality is that the bluetooth range isn’t particularly vast. I can only get to 3 metres from the mobile phone before the sound became choppy.
  • Usability – I love it, i would be happy to use this headset day in day out, both for calls in quiet and noisy places. It also comes with a formed padded carry case to provide a good level of protection.
  • Unbiased Verdict – I can’t state enough i think this is one of the best wired headsets I’ve ever used with Lync. The features are top notch, the sound is excellent for calls and music. This headset without doubt will be going into my kit back for client recommendations.
  • RRP – less than £100 at this moment, which makes it £30 cheaper than the Jabra BIZ2400. In my opinion i would be going for the blackwire over the BIZ2400 even if the pricing was the same. For me Its a no brainer going for c720 over the BIZ2400.
  • Link
The release date is available now


Last up is the new kid on the block, the Sennheiser ‘Century’ SC630


  • Sound – What can i say, by default the sound quality of all the Sennheiser devices spreads though there product range. The SC630 isn’t an exception to this as the audio quality is high-end. Sennheiser states that the Audio is HD audio which i do agree with.
    • Sound quality via Music playing – As with the the Plantronics Blackwire device, the Sennheiser headset also sports the concept of allowing for high quality stereo music. this it does really well, and i would say it is a better sound on music playback over the Plantronics. This music sounds rich and clear.
  • Functionality – As well as the excellent call quality of the sound for calling and Music, the Sennheisers SC630 build quality is to a high degree using premium end materials. The look and feel of the headset ouzes premium grade quality. Although the functionality isn’t on the same level it terms of gadgetry, Sennheiser has chosen to go down the build and quality road to give the end user the best sound and device quality experience. Below are some of the features detailed from Sennheiser on the SC6xx devices.
    • Sennheiser HD voice clarity – wideband sound for a natural listening experience
    • Ultra noise canceling microphone for perfect speech transmission
    • Sound-enhancement profiles – perfect for communication and music
    • High-quality neodymium speaker for outstanding HD audio quality 
    • ActiveGard® technology protects users from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
    • Call control unit allows for easy answer/ end a call, volume up/ down, microphone mute and redial last outgoing call
    • 3 years international warranty
  • Unbiased Verdict – If you want a excellent sounding audio headset which is as good running Lync calls as music playing, plus with a excellent build quality then the SC630 is the one of choice.
  • RRP – As this device is relatively new to the Lync market, the price point is the highest of the three devices at £149 per headset. That said, that old saying goes… you get what you pay for and with the SC630 its high-end quality throughout.
  • Link
The release date is available now
  • Overall Verdict and Star Ratings.

I enjoyed using all the devices i tested and reviewed, they all did what i expected them to do. Also it was refreshing that i didn’t have to write any negatives about the devices. If i had to choose a winner and a preferred device of choice, based on build quality and sound preferences i would suggest the Sennheiser SC630. If you was wanting more technical features along with excellent sound quality to match then the Plantronics c720. Sadly i think out of the three headsets the BIZ2400 just didn’t cut the mustard in both in build quality or technical options.

Jabra BIZ2400 StarStarStar

Plantronics c720 StarStarStarStar

Sennheiser Sc630 StarStarStarStar

***Also to note, all of the headsets were tested with Office for Mac Lync as well, and all preformed as expected.

Thanks for reading. the next device review will be around the mini conference devices.


Iain Smith

Ultra noise canceling microphone for perfect speech transmission