Premicell – The One Point – The good, The Bad, The ugly

Sometimes in life you hear something said which beggars belief. Well today was that day.

I’m in the process of planning a customer upgrade of a onsite low call rate GSM gateway device which allows for call routing over SIM cards for calling. (i.e.: user rings a o2 mobile and instead of this call going out over PSTN it routes to the GSM gateway and utilises the o2 SIM installed and byproxy the SIM’s minutes for the call)

Historically the vendor of choice was who are now owned by so today i called them to discuss the upgrade of the devices only to be shunned once with a excuse the people i needed was on a call and would ring me back in 2 mins.

3 hours later i rang back again, this time to speak to ‘Nathan’ who i was told originally was the person i needed. The guy initially quizzed about why i was ringing?? i then proceeded to tell the guy on the phone i was wanting information on the latest devices and costs as i have a customer wanting to update/upgrade their premicell devices. This guy i could hear was the go between for Nathan, Once the verbal message was passed to Nathan (which i could hear, as Nathan must have been only 4 foot from the phone) the guy then came back to state. Quote ‘Nathan ‘thinks’ he’s to busy to speak with you today’. when i said really, the guy said ‘yeah’.

The one point company must be making millions £££ which allows them to be so rude and turn customers away.!!

Well done Nathan.. you’ve just won yourself a complaint via the one point Managing director and no future sales from me.

Customer service at its worst.!!



2 thoughts on “Premicell – The One Point – The good, The Bad, The ugly

  1. I love your blog and love your hard work.
    I just finish the implementation of lync 2013 std eddition and just wanna read all your blogs.

    thanks a lot dear really great job.

  2. I’m so glad I found this post looking for more information on The One Point and the MD Martin Lauer. I’m trying to find out if my mobile phone (and others) had been hacked a year or so back. The One Point had information on me and my account they shouldn’t have like end dates, package details etc

    In the light of Mobile Phone hacking scandals of late wouldn’t put it past this company for one second.

    I also talk to a pushy sale guy that was not quite rude but knew way too much as I’d nevr ever spoke or dealt with The One Point Before..

    So yes ” must be making millions £££ which allows them to be so rude and turn customers away.!!”

    Hope you got sorted in the end Iain!

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