Lync 2013 CU4, CU5 Update installer – Windows Fabric Error 1603

Recently the client I’m working on required their Lync 2013 environment to be patched up to date, which usually is not a problem however the support guy doing the patching soon ran against an issue where the CU update worked on all the elements apart from the update of the windows fabric from version 1.960.0 to 1.1008.0.?

A number of consultants looked at this issue, and also we was hearing from other clients, that their patching was seeing the same issue. (also if you google it, many people have see the same issue) yet no one has sorted or found out what the issue is.

Well after raising a PSS (premier MS support call) with Microsoft who themselves couldn’t find the solution. One of the Modality Systems support guys **Kudos to Matt Thompson!!, found the issue and solution.

it was simple in the end, and the issue was due to many incorrect address paths in the environmental module for PSSmodule. **Example of the problematic one below.

%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;D:\PROGRA~1\BMCSOF~1\Patrol3\bin;%systemroot%\idmu\common;%systemroot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Windows Fabric\bin\Fabric\Fabric.Code.1.0

For some reason still unbeknown, the CU patch had trouble in finding the paths required to complete the fabric update successfully, but instead of the installer telling you this, it returns a 1603 error.

Solution is remove all the elements or at least copy them away if you have paths still required.

Then set the variable back to


and the Windows fabric installer will complete successfully.

7 thoughts on “Lync 2013 CU4, CU5 Update installer – Windows Fabric Error 1603

  1. Hi…I ran into this exact issue this past Friday when updating a Lync 2013 standard edition server in my lab from CU4 to CU5. Not knowing this resolution at that time…I rebooted the server and noticed that the Lync Server FE svc would not start. So I ran the CU5 update again and the Lync_patchinstallerlog showed that the fabric patch was successful. I rebooted the box again but the Lync FE svc still doesnt start. I see eventID 32169 in the Lync logs. After doing some searching on google…I decided to remove CU5 via add/remove programs. I did another reboot. Once the box came back now at CU4…I still cannot start the Front End service and Im still seeing eventID 32169.

    This morning I received the email related to your blogpost. So I went ahead and updated the PSmodule and successfully applied CU5 and rebooted. Unfortunately Im still stuck in the same spot where the Lync FE svc will not start. I consistently see 32169 in the Lync log as well as eventID 1000 and 1026 in the applog. (The latter refers to FabricDCA.exe is faulting).

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should proceed?

    This standard edition server in addition to being a Front-end server also has pchat and mediation. All Lync services are running on this box except for Lync Front-End.


    1. Well…I wound up resolving my issue by uninstalling windows fabric from add/remove programs. After rebooting the box…I ran the Lync deployment wizard (step 2) which reinstalled the windows fabric component. The box rebooted again and afterwhich the Lync front end service finally started.

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