Modality Systems ‘a PGi Company’ Announcement

Following yesterday evenings late announcement that Modality Systems has been acquired by PGi. For those who are unaware PGi is one of the largest conferencing companies in the world. More of PGi here

This is a great opportunity for Modality Systems to grow into areas quicker and greater than ever before. If you want to read the full information around the acquisition goto

But, what does this mean for Modality the company and me/us the current employee’s.

Well firstly for the company this is a massive opportunity to branch into areas with assistance of PGi for global reach and one in which we can almost triage the top major companies of the world on Unified Communications. Does this mean that Modality of old will change? Absolutely not !! in fact both Modality and PGi want to promote the Status Que and in truth why would you change a rockstar company? (If its not broken don’t fix it) as they say.

As for the Modality Systems employee’s? ‘same old, same old’ we are still the same company with no hieratical differences in management, staff and the quality we provide to our customers both old and new. AND we are continuing to press ahead with an already roadmap’d recruitment drive within areas of Support, User Adoption, Consultancy Roles both in the UK, Australia and US. I must say there is no better time to join this new and exciting chapter in the Modality life. If you are interested in bettering your career, please reach out at

It really is exciting times for me and all the employee’s at Modality with some nice planned changes already afoot in the coming months i.e.: New office location relocation in London, potential new office in the north of England, headcount doubling by the end of the year.

I would like to congratulate Modality Systems and welcome PGi to what you will see is a brilliant company acquisition.

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