Skype for Business Profile moving to Skype Online – Lync for Mac 2011 ‘adding, removing, tagging’ contacts issue

While im in the mood for another blog post, below is further information around Skype Online and the sketchy Lync for mac automatic supportability.

Ive been moving my profile between Skype for business Onprem and also Skype online and while this is a seamless transition to complete, lync for mac does grumble somewhat with moving your profile.

One of the main pain points of this profile move is the fact that contacts (your buddy lists) stop functioning as you would expect. For example when your profile is moved to SkypeOnline, you cease the ability in adding, moving and tagging of Lync user contacts???

Unfortunately to get this working you need powershell in the backend of the SkypeOnline to invoke some permissions. For some reason putting the profile online causes the UCS *unified contact store to have issues for your -identity

If you run the command get-csuserservicespolicy you should see the USC allowed set as false? so in general you should not be having any issues.?? go figure.!


the solution needed to get you past this issue is another powershell command which is detailed in this link


Once you’ve invoked rollback of your identity, the contacts in the SkypeOnline will start acting as normal.


Iain Smith

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