UPDATE – Emergency Dialling within Skype for Mac. It is possible with some dial plan tweaks.

Good Morning All

Following the last couple of days at the future decoded event in the UK, We (Tobie Fysh of Modality Systems @tobiefysh www.tobiefysh.co.uk) had time to look at this 3 digit dialling issue *Emergency/non-Emergency number ranges* I see within the Skype for Mac client.

I can confirm with some slight tweaks to dial plans, I can now ring the necessary numbers from SFM. Please note: however ringing numeric XXX or +XXX does not resolve or connect via our SIP trunk used in Modality Systems.

My workaround dial plan rule now in place (Kudos to Tobie Fysh )… If I call the emergency number in SFM, there is a dial plan normalisation rule, which prefixes the number with the UK e164 code of +44 meaning the dialled number becomes +44999. At this point SFM is ok and the SIP trunk provider accepts the call.

It’s a slightly odd workaround but it works.