Sonus NET UX1000/SBC1000 Firmware update to version release 3.0.0, Build Version _241

This blog article provides the details on what’s required to self upgrade your Lync 2010 or 2013 Sonus (Formally NET) Media Gateways to the latest version 3.0.0

Also I will touch on any configuration changes that are required following the firmware upgrade.

To set the scene, the Sonus Gateway I will be upgrading is a UX1000 or now as they are called a SBC1000 gateway. Also its worth noting that the configuration on the gateway is a SIP trunk into my home Lync lab from PureIP.

To start the upgrade the first thing we will do is back up the current configuration. So navigating to the tasks tab on the webportal of your UX gateway select the option of backup/restore config


select the backup restore config option then in the right hand pane, select backup and then saveas. (ensure you give your saved tar file a good name for reference)!


At a suitable time (out of hours is the preferred option, to mitigate the down time on the gateway), we need to upgrade the boot partition of the media gateway portion of the SBC/UX. To do this we need to navigate to the settings tab then system, then software Management, then select boot partition, then in the right hand window select upload boot image. (its worth noting your current boot version at this point as well).


After you’ve select the tar.gz file, you will see the upgrade happening to the boot partition. Ensure you get the success back on the upgrade before proceeding onwards


Next if you are running the ASM module within your gateway, the’ documentation states to upgrade this element next (Personally I cant see the logic in upgrading the ASM at this point. I’ve raised this with Sonus and awaiting a logical explanation to the ordering. I will update the blog post once I get further understanding from Sonus)

***To note: the SBC/UX im running in this lab doesn’t have a ASM module so below are the details on what to do without the screenshots.

Select tasks, then select from the left hand options – Install ASM Update, now navigate to the UXCOMMSVC folder from the 3.0.0 download, and the select setup.msi. ensure it completes successfully before moving onto the following sets.

Upgrading the current firmware of the gateway module. we need to again select tasks then from the left hand pane select Firmware Upgrade,


Now browse to the .img file of the 3.0 software and select it.then select OK


on selecting the OK button you will be prompted with a warning of a reboot (this is why you should do the upgrade out of hours 🙂 ).! Let the upgrade happen and watch out for the reboot


The upgrade is taking about 5 minutes to complete in my lab, so you need to be patient.

Once the upgrade is finished, the SBC/UX will reboot, and then you should be presented with the shiny new Sonus webportal.!


Login as normal, you will then be prompted for a further backup that is required by the SBC. complete this


now jumping back to the settings tab, and system, you will also see following the reboot that the boot partition is also running as 3.16 meaning that if you require to hard reset the device this is the factory version you will presented with.

test call-


— Last point then on this blog, as far as I can see nothing technically has changed and calls within my lab are still routing as expected to PureIP and vice versa, so no gotchas to be aware of at this point.


UPDATE No 1 – 26th June 2013

Thank you to a unknown reader of my blog.! They pointed out a important piece which I missed from the blog above, if you are using SIP to SIP within your SBC/UX gateway,  upgrading to 3.0.0 will require you to get a new SIP to SIP licence! Even though the above advises how to upgrade your device ensure you do read the release notes on the upgrade to ensure it covers your particular SBC /UX setup.