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  1. Hi Iain,
    Cant believe I found you on the net whilst researching setting up Lync 2013. Currently going through our Lync2013 setup on physicals (Still Pilot Stage) ourselves and your site is extremely helpful. I will let you know how I get on.

  2. Hi lain,
    i have just read your post about sennheiser presence and jabra motion, i would ,like to know how is the noise canellation perform? Is it work well as plantronic legend?


  3. hi lain,

    thx for ur reply, coz the platronic gave me a veru bad experience when i listen to ppl talking on the phone…..i think i am going to buy the jabra motion asap..haha



  4. Hi lain, I am setting up a Lync test environment and ran into some trouble with the cert import. All the guides seem to be very weak regarding this process ( as I am sure it is easy for some), but I go to import the cert and the wizard tells me it successfully added, but when I go to assign it is not listed, Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Ryan

      this will be due to not trusted root certificate being in the root folder.

      goto start, run. then mmc and select add/remove snap in then select certificates, then computer account.. then open up the root cert folder to see if your trusted root is there.. (I’m betting its not).
      Add the root cert, then when you go back into the deployment wizard in Lync you should be able to assign your required cert!

      Hope this helps
      Iain Smith

      • Thanks lain, I was able to get the external cert set on the edge server. I am still having trouble getting the internal cert added. I go through the request steps and receive the error ” “The certificate has been issued by the Online Certificate Authority and is installed to the local certificate store,however it is not valid. Make sure that the Root certificate, and necessary certificate chain is installed on this server” I’m assuming because this isn’t a trusted machine and I need to add the root cert? is this found on my DC? Thanks again!

      • Hello Ryan

        It will be because your internal cert won’t have a corresponding root cert associated for it to use.

        You will be able to get this from the server running the Cert authority. (That could be your DC if it’s collocated!

        Also you could look on your DC in the trusted root for the internal root cert.

    • Good Morning Becky
      The RSS feed was already within the blog site, although it wasn’t clear on how to subscribe to it. now on the main page I’ve added the links (top right).
      Hope this helps you, and please keep in touch and drop me a email with any questions

  5. Hi Lain,
    Just wondering if you are aware of a free app or tool that I can use to deploy a console at receptionist’s desk to she can see everyone’s presence.

    While I am not looking for very sophisticated solutions like these guys have but something in similar fashion.

    Examples are Slide 11 or 12

    or Page 2

    • Hello

      Thanks for the reaching out. I do know of such a product and the company I work for owns a product which shows the presence of people within the company and then on selecting a person you can do a video/audio call

  6. Hi Iain,

    Just wondering if you’ve had any experience on setting up REGISTER based SIP lines on the Sonus SBC1000? (Saw your video about setting up Lync/SIP)

    I’m struggling to get it to send through the right host in the message and use the Remote Authorization table.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Hi ian
    Need your help
    Just recently deployed Lync my first however I cannot sign in using Lync mobile 2010 or 2013 from iPhone 5 using either auto discovery or manual settings.
    I get an error saying that can’t connect to the server . It is busy please try again later .
    Any idea what the problem is ?

  8. Hi Iain,
    In my deployment I am not utilising a reverse proxy. firewall also have been disabled both on FE server and Edge Server. And When I use the Get-csCertificate command in P/S the certificates are in their respective spots.
    And other advice or suggestions.

      • Well I guess ( from what I have read) Lync Installs Internal website and external website.
        The Internal website 80/443 and the external routes over 8080/4443. Could I port forward 8080/4443 to 443/80 public with my firewall device.

      • Yes lync does do the routes for you, but you do need trust between the external world and internal network. I would suggest getting a trial in a reverse proxy if you can. KEMP vlm 200 is on trial version at this moment. On the proxy you add a public certificate to trust your environment. Lyncdiscover is required on the cert

  9. Hi Iain,
    I have the problem with Lync 2013 and no audio devices found. They worked fine in Lync 2010 and Windows sees them with no issues. I understand that you have a patch from MS for this issue. Could you please share this patch?

    Thanks for your help.
    Mike M.

  10. Ian , I and my team are avid followers of your blog. We are midway through a lync2013 server deployment on VMware of 3 front ends over 3 separate m620 hosts – each host has reverse proxy etc as bet best practice.

    So we are on a mpls network , we have 10mbit links to our data centre where our Lync servers are connected , the data centre has a 100mbit link to the mpls cloud.

    Our clients are predominantly for a short time xp. Traffic from data centre to each site shows no latency jitter or loss and QoE reports are perfect. Each subnet though for the live sites shows 60-80% poor call quality , high round trip times , but these are within local subnets on flat vlans.

    Have you ever seen anything like this before please ?

    • Evening Geoff
      its good to hear from you. Also pleased the rcn are looking at Lync. (I’ve deployed Lync into many NHS trusts) 🙂

      so to confirm i have seen this before AND with VMware. Im not saying its the same issue, but the time I’ve seen this was related to the VMware host not having the correct VMware setup. (it was to do with a bottleneck on the host)

      Let me check my notes and provide you with more information in the morning.

  11. Hi Iain. I am trying to use your script to enable photos and I get the following error:

    Invoke-Sqlcmd : Incorrect syntax near ‘’’.
    At C:\datashare\enablephotos.ps1:5 char:13
    + Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query “update rtc.dbo.PublishedStaticInstance Set Dat …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-Sqlcmd], SqlPowerShellSqlExecutionException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : SqlError,Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.PowerShell.GetScriptCommand

    Here is the way I have the script pasted in PS:

    function Enable-UserPhotos ($Domain, $OffSet) {
    Get-CsPool (Get-CsComputer “$(hostname).$Domain”).Pool
    ).Computers | % {
    Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query “update rtc.dbo.PublishedStaticInstance Set Data = CONVERT(image,convert(varbinary(4000),REPLACE(convert(varchar(4000),convert(varbinary(4000),Data)),’false’,’true’))) where [LastPubTime] >= DATEADD(mi,-$($OffSet),getdate()) AND convert(varchar(4000),convert(varbinary(4000),Data)) like ‘%false%’;” -ServerInstance “$($_)\RTCLOCAL”
    } Enable-UserPhotos -Domain -OffSet 15

  12. Hello friend
    I need ur help plz….i have configured the Office Web Apps Server for lync and added the OWAS url to the topology builder in the lync server and after publishing the topology i’m receiving this error in the event viewer
    Office Web Apps Server (WAC) discovery failed, PowerPoint content is disabled.

    Attempted Office Web Apps Server discovery Url: https://owas.pharmaoverseas.dom/hosting/discovery/
    Received error message: The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.
    The number of retries: 5, since 4/27/2014 8:07:57 PM.
    Cause: Office Web Apps Server may be unavailable or network connectivity may have been compromised.
    Check HTTPS connectivity from this box to the Office Web Apps Server deployment using the discovery Url.
    but the weird thing is that my lync servr does not has a proxy configured and when i click the url of the OWAS server i can open it from the lync side….so can u help me to solve this issue plz…?

  13. Hello Ian, sorry to bother you, congratulations on your guides and tips on lync you have an enviable preparation.
    I am writing because I am encountering many difficulties to set up a test platform with lync.i hope you can give me some guidance.
    To use the scheduler to remote users is crucial edge server? you can have front end and edge on the same subnet and class ip? you can create a basic structure without reverse proxy?
    Thank you for your attention

  14. Hey Iain,

    Have you looked into any Lync Room Systems, or if not these specific (and expensive) Certified systems, perhaps cameras and systems that can be used in a Room environment in conjunction with Lync (such as the Polycom Group Series)? I’m sure this will become a hotter topic as we move to “Skype for Business” that should included native interoperability with other standards based VC systems out of the box.



  15. Hey, just wondering if and how I can get 2 departments that are internal (separate forests, separate Lync, separate Exchange) to start IM’ing etc in Lync 2013? 2008R2 AD, Lync 2013, Exchange 2010 in both. Separated by VLAN’s only and of course in different forests/domains. We use FIM2010 to GALSync so that is good but we want to start communicating with Lync as well. I assumed I had to use internal ADFS or External Federation Provider like But Since all this is internal why can’t the 2 edge servers and FE servers talk to each other?

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