Lync For Mac – Client update April 2014 version 14.0.8

Released today is the new Lync for Mac update. Only two items detailed as fixes where one of them is quite interesting.


Delegate doesn’t receive notification when you set delegation by using Lync for Mac 2011 


Update enables Lync for Mac 2011 to run in Mac OS X Mavericks 

** I thought it was always supported on Mavericks?

Get the link here 


Microsoft Lync for Mac – Contact Searching, unable for auto find or users


For this review I’m going to concentrate on another oddity with Lync for Mac, this time its around the issue of when you try and search for a colleague within the Lync for mac client you don’t actually find anyone unless you put their absolute path into the search field. i.e.: why is this..??

In version 14.04 onward of the Lync for Mac client another bug was introduced this it is around the contact.db/idx files not updating. or if you’ve installed a fresh install of Lync for mac 14.04 or higher you won’t even get the contact.dc.idx files.

these are located library/caches then folder called

so what is the bug, ?

This issue is around the fact the Lync client policy is set for do the following on the address book download – filedownloadwebsearch (do a get-csclientpolicy in powershell)

The Lync for mac does try and attempts to do the file download but errors within itself and stops trying to do anything else, and it fails to even try to use the web search option.At the time of writing there isn’t any fix from Microsoft of this bug and the only ‘workaround’ is the following.

Create a new client policy for mac users called something like – MacUsers?. to create a client policy check any policies associated with your users and mirror the settings apart from the address book download as you need change this to be Websearchonly.


New-CsClientPolicy -Identity MacUsers -AddressbookAvailability WebSearchOnly -DisableCalendarPresence $True -DisablePhonePresence $True -DisplayPhoto "PhotosFromADOnly"

Once you’ve created your new policy grant these to your Mac users and your searching will start to work successfully.

Microsoft Lync for Mac – Client Crashing


Due to my work computer being a Macbook Pro (my choice), i use the MS Lync client called Lync for Mac. Unfortunately this client isn’t as polished as its windows equivalent and the feature set shortcomings are abundant.

Apart from the shortcomings which i will gloss over ;), there is a few fundamental bugs still in the Lync for Mac software.

In this post i will talk around one of the major ones which i think will probably effect most mac users. Lync unexpectedly crashing without notice or even input.

So based on alot of digging around what is causing this unexpected behaviour. The error log proves useless, and provides little information on whats happening.

After speaking with MS on this issue, the top and bottom of it is the fact something at the time of the crashing is plugged into either the thunderbolt port or a USB port. Within the Lync for mac code is a bug which for one reason or another doesn’t like the fact external peripherals being present on the mentioned ports.

So what is the resolution to this.?

Simple really, upgrade/patch your Lync for Mac to version 14.07.02 firstly, then apply the hot fix from Microsoft HERE, this will put the version to 14.07.02 (140123). NOTE: This hot fix isn’t readily available yet, and its by request of MS.

Once you’ve updated and installed the hot fix your wows of the Lync for Mac client are over. (well for time being)