Open Mic Usergroup – Ask anything UC related – Happening 16th December 4.30pm GMT


Hello and welcome to a new online user group adventure / experiment… an regular Monthly “open mic” SfB  meeting where anyone around the world can drop in, chat, ask questions etc. IM luckers and video chatters equally welcome!””

Why do we think this is a good idea.?

There are many people either end user or technical or even vendors who might have a burning question or issue that they want to ask or resolve. I’m sure like most of the people reading this blog post, the first port of call would be a google search. The problem with this is google is full of ….. well 90% of rubbish and false information, and in truth you spend most of your time spinning your wheels looking for the exact solution or closest matched issue. Well this is were comes in. Myself, Josh Blacock <@getcsjosh>, Ben Lee and Tom Arbuthnot <@tomtalks> have come together to provide that question/issue burning ‘one stop shop’ to get the real answer you might be looking for.

Our view is people will drop in, drop out, ask a question or two or just listen? in truth we are just happy to get an audience and a few questions to talk through.

The first inaugural event will happen on Friday 16th December at 4.30pm GMT.

As Tom has put on his blog plug for the event,

‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was a group of people who all worked, lived and breathed this stuff (mostly) 24/7 on hand who could provide immediate feedback on ideas, concerns, queries or anything else to do with SfB? Well that’s what we are hoping to be able to achieve here.

If your free we would really like to see a good participation and some fluid conversations about UC, to register goto HERE its free. Once registered we will send you the Skype Conference URL to attend.

ALSO, if you cant make this one, be sure to put your name on the mailing list as we will drop you an mail about the future coming events.

See you online tomorrow


Iain Smith

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